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Signatures for Sky News Leaders' Debate Campaign

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51 IanAndrews Well done to Sky for taking the initiative. It's about time voters' views were taken into consideration. Northwich England
52 JoHutton Great idea, real debating! Lets hear what they all have to say. Ulverston Cumbria
53 RosemarySlade Let's hear what they say when they cannot dodge the question. Winchester England
54 JaredSimpson Many people will think this is the UK copying the US. But now is the time the leaders prove themselves to the UK people by standing together and showing the electorate what they are really made of and what they stand for. Oldham England
55 RobertDaniels It's been occurring in Australia for years, so i don't see why the UK has been slow on the uptake London England
56 KrisHarris Bring politics back to the people, let the people ask the questions they want answered and get real answers. Bring on the debate!! Stoke-on-Trent England
57 stevedickson i hope you pull it off goodluck newcastle uk
58 TomRhodes   Leeds England
59 RichardO'Reilly we need to keep up the pressure on the leaders for unique tv event hopefully adam boulton will be chairing the debate rather than a dull dimbleby seaford england
60 JasonBurt Shouldn't we have more than the 3 parties there. Everyone who wants to be in Politics should have there own voice. colchester essex
61 jamesmartin   Glasgow Scotland
62 GrahamDonaldson   Colchester England
63 jimgillespie In a debate live on TV we might (though doubtful) hear gordon brown answer a question with a simple YES or NO something he is incapable of at PMs question times. lochgelly fife
64 DianeDevin   Exmouth UK
65 vanessamorriss Also think it would be good for the deputy leaders to go head to head. Richmond Surrey
66 CarolMcdaid   Glenrothes fife
67 jimdyson good idea oldham  
68 SimonConway Good on Sky News for leading this campaign. We should have had leaders' debates years ago! London/Nottingham UK
69 NeilHaydon This would be great Steventon England
70 SarahTough   Halesowen England
71 JohnMorgan I think this is an great idea, But i think you should have leaders not just from the main three but also from some of the smaller parties like the BNP as to give them a fair chance to be heard. Canvey Island Essex
72 BhavanaPramod Now we are talking about real democracy... Accra Ghana
73 MattAlexander Brilliant Idea. Walton-on-Thames, Surrey England
74 KennethMcMaster I totally support and indeed commend Sky News' campaign for a Leaders Debate prior to the next General Election. I'm fiercely Scottish but want to see this debate take place & watch it on Sky News. My sincere thanks to Sky News for this initiative. Broxburn, West Lothian Scotland (UK)
75 AdamStreather A fantastic idea! I look forward to this. Hastings East Sussex
76 VyvyianWebb I would personally welcome a forum which stimulates live, open and hopefully honest debate and believe this would be an appropriate forum on which to do so. (Ex pat) Charente France
77 JohnEllis-Mourant Great Idea Sheffield UK
78 CamiloOswald this is a good idea Winchester United Kingdom
79 DrewDennis Hear, hear! Nottingham England
80 JonHenderson   Worthing United Kingdom
81 bluegreenaway The whip For The horse, The Bridle For The Ass, And The Rod For The Back Of Fools they all need to get there act together with some exceptions kind regards blueg erskine uk
82 PamReynolds I think a good honest debate between the leaders is a must to restore some credibility to British politics. Telford U.K.
83 ravindersura Prime Minister Gordon Brown, Conservative leader David Cameron and Liberal Democrat leader Nick Clegg join the a live television debate. birmingham england
84 DerekChiu   London UK
85 AndrewGoodfellow   Bristol UK
86 petercampe It would be refreshing to see a meaningful debate rather than the usual infantile "my dad's bigger than your dad"type debate we get in parliament during PM,s questions. Shoeburyness England
87 MichaelGorman Such an event is long overdue Newton Poppleford Devon
88 AdamSchwarz This would undoubtably reinforce the "presidentialization" of the office of the Prime Minister. London England
89 SarahD It is about time in a televised age that we see the leaders defend there propsed polices and let us see how they operate.   Scotland
90 PraveshPatel   Wolverhampton United Kingdom
91 JanCulley I can't wait to see bumbling brown in action!! Bedford Bedfordshire
92 JamesArmian   London UK
93 AlanRoper   Crawley West Sussex
94 jamesguthrie An excellent proposal as a preamble to the General Election next year with the general public raising the issues to be discussed- chaired by an experienced anchor person. aberdeen aberdeenshire
95 SebCook   Milton Keynes United Kingdom
96 SimonFlynn   London England
97 GregAnderson I agree totally and think it could get people interested in politics and care once again who is running our country Falkirk Scotland
98 StephenMannion   Dublin Ireland
99 ElliottSutcliffe   Colne England
100 jimgoodfellow About time the protagonists were challenged by their peers. The voting public have looked on in disbelief for too long! Dewsbury West Yorkshire