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Signatures for Sky News Leaders' Debate Campaign

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15301 EboTurkson It's the best thing that can ever happen to contemporary British politics. Voting without the three party leaders debating on the issues? Please count me out. London UK
15302 GreggPeers   Barrow-in-Furness Cumbria
15303 JasonHeaps   Oxford England
15304 zainulkhonat this debate programme will show a better insight of the 3 party leaders. blackburn england
15305 SimonHayter   Dundee Scotland
15306 CarolineDudgeon This is an excellent idea and if Brown declines to participate it will be because he has something to hide. I am a UK citizen living in Cyprus, years of labour and their lies drove me and my family away. Limassol Cyprus
15307 DavidFarrington I want to see all three leaders to be honest about the country and not put any spin on answers, just be truthful. This point is especially pointed at Brown. Chichester England
15308 peterhughes bring on the debate liverpool merseyside
15309 DavidGibson With the economy in tatters, we need to hear whether each of the parties plans to steer us back to prosperity, or over a cliff! Coventry England
15310 andycallander Can we please have TV debates... sheffield UK
15311 MarkPuckering We need to hear the parties’ policies, from the houses mouth. BISHOP AUCKLAND United Kingdom
15312 timwaite Its about time we heard real policies from all party's rather than petty sqaubbling about trivia who the hell cares if the PM pushed an employee, are we going to actually have an economy or a job next year that is important, not some stupid media hype. slough England
15313 LloydBurton I think it would be good for democracy to let party leaders have a sensible debate on policies. Debates that cannot be misinterepreted by biased newspapers. Let people judge for themselves. Let TV be the doorstep for canvassers. Markfield, Leics. UK
15314 DarrenGoddard   Towcester uk
15315 AnthonyTarley The voters need to see and get to know the candidates cloe up in order to make a more educated vote Sandwich UK
15316 KamilBrz±kaіa I agree with Sky news' arguments for the debate, and I am looking forward to it. Goleniуw Poland
15317 WayneGould We do not see any candidates from any of the parties canvassing except around their own areas where they live. Perhaps this debate will allow people to make their own informed decision based upon the party leaders performance. Swindon Wiltshire
15318 MaribelGarcia-Exposito It is just fair for the public to see their leaders if not in person, at least live on TV, being questioned without previously "warned". That's the way it should be, in my humble opinion. Thanks! La Laguna (Tenerife) Spain
15319 ReddyEshwar   London England
15320 danielmoore   newcastle upon tyne united kingdom
15321 RossHorne   Johnstone Scotland
15322 SusanGallimore   Derby UK
15323 michael browne It's well overdue. stratford-upon avon warwickshire
15324 kennethmahoney I strongly agree and support this petition. Sliema Malta
15325 StevenDunn great idea hope it happens. wallsend england
15326 LeonBromley i will be looking forward to the way this will be done as a young voter of 24 i will be look to see who is telling the true Tunstall Staffordshire
15327 SherinMalick   London UK
15328 ThomasNewman have a deabte you coward Brown Royston hertfordshire
15329 SamJones This would help me, a first time voter, decipher where the key differences in the three party's manifestos are. Cardiff Wales
15330 DianeNagy   Gerrards Cross England
15331 libansukuri   isleworth middsex
15332 hamidali dear sir, in parliament prime minister say opologiese about lost children in past,but still in 2010 asylum seeker children need help from government,to protect their life,save and better future,? manor park london
15333 SheilaEdwards I live in Spain, mostly because of health reasons for my husband. Please do not cut our pensions any more. Otherwise you will have l.5 million expats coming back to the UK because we canґt afford to live anywhere else. Alicante Spain
15334 philomenaoliver Why is parliament using a secularist agenda to persecute Christians? Middlesbrough Cleveland
15335 PhilipJarvis   Tenterden England
15336 StewartTurner      
15337 RossCollie I think my 4 questions that I would ask the 3 leaders of the Liberal democrats, Conservative Party leader and current Prime Minister Gordon Browni n the debate before deciding who to vote for is = 1= I would like to know if you would personally back Briti Aberdeen United Kingdom
15338 KennethBrown A live televised debate! Heck yea but there are more than 3 parties. What about UKIP, BNP amongst others. Maybe the leaders of all parties should be there! SNP, Plaid Cymru and NI Parties too! Carrickfergus Northern Ireland
15339 LatriciaLatricia At last! Someone who understands! Thanks for psiontg! PJXADMwlBMNaDxent aHxunFrEEK
15340 KripalSingh   Brisbane Australia
15341 samanthamain   southampton hampshire
15342 kenshannon   london  
15343 LisaMaguire Tougher action muct be taken on these thugs. Their human rights don't even come into it. Naming and shaming is a possible way of reducing such disgusting crimes. Glasgow Scotland
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