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Signatures for Sky News Leaders' Debate Campaign

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15251 BouchraBaron I believe this is a valuable input in a political campain and an opportunity for the voters to make up their mind about who to chose to lead the country. The US, France, Germany have the choice why can't we? BROMLEY United Kingdom
15252 maxxu its a excellent idea to put the three leaders together have a chat in front of public manchester uk
15253 peterprimarolo   alfhausen germany
15254 HEI TengWONG   hull uk
15255 GrahamHunt Just get it on - SOONEST. South Shields United Kingdom
15256 AdamEverington   Lincoln United Kingdom
15257 MikeSproston Lets get it on! Stafford England
15258 LewisSmitherson I would indeed very much like to see the party leaders debate one another's policies. Dursley England
15259 PriteshMistry   Leeds England
15260 TomWest Its well over due. UK politics needs to evolve with the times and a live debate would be a move in the right direction. Solihull UK
15261 jameswilcock show live debate!!!!! long eaton uk
15262 MikeThomson The public deserve a fair and unbiased political debate where the leaders answer the questions to the public, not what they feel comfortable with. You are our representatives, please remember that. Burntisland Scotland
15263 AnnKing I think we need this debate but hope it doesn't go all "American" on run up to election or will avoid new channels. Cumbernauld North Lanarkshire
15264 DeliaMorris I support the campaign for a Leaders debate. London England
15265 NeilAnderson Confidence in the government should be a priority Newcastle Upon Tyne England
15266 KristinaRichards   Stoke-on-Trent England
15267 daveyoung what about the SNP. just to let you lot of english know, the SNP are the ruling party in scotland...not labour tory or the wets. aberdeen scotland
15268 jameslaudrum Good bye browns britain You have killed this country. south woodham ferrers essex
15269 JackieLavelle   Leeds Yorkshire
15270 AdemolaDanmole For the past ten years or more, a vast majority of the population has been alienated and sidelined by the labour goverment. Standards in our hospitals can only be compared to the third world standards. We no longer feel safe on our streets or at home. London United Kingdom
15271 AnthonyCroucher   Fleet UK
15272 Rajinder SinghRandhawa should be presidental debate Wolverhampton UK
15273 chrisevans i want to see what they are gonna say they are gonna do for ppl like me west midlands england
15274 OwenStamp   Grimsby England
15275 AlMilne      
15276 LauraRolstone   Wellingborough UK
15277 LeighRussell About time this was done Nottingham UK
15278 RichardGiddings   Northampton UK
15279 JenniferSharpe We need to see our politicians live in action if we are to decide on our leader! Prime minister's Questions does not give a good indication as it is too short, too structured and scripted and does not allow the MPs the chance to reply to criticisms. Newbury Berkshire
15280 ritagrayson I say let them discuss PR and reducing the number of MP's and the lords,and why gordon brown didnt let us the people have a vote on the lisborn treaty sheffield s.yorks
15281 BenLeahy originally english born. want to see how the country which i intend returning to will in theory be run Limerick Ireland
15282 rexmaundrill gorden brown will beat camron hands down in any debate warminster wiltshire
15283 AngeloDuarte   Sandhurst Berkshire
15284 MonikaCiapala   Luton England
15285 JasonBeauchemin Brown will bottle it! Weston-s-Mare England
15286 stephensyson We need a debate to understand what each party has to offer the electorite, instead of this pussey footing around sniping at each other. derby england
15287 DarrenLynch Come on about time.Thanks to Sky News.My Vote goes to Sky News. Runcorn Cheshire
15288 SophieBuckenham maybe it help people understand more about he process Fakenham England
15289 BienkieFourie A leaders debate is the way to go! Hastings United Kingdom
15290 JarlethEaton   Solihull England
15291 GemmaBarnshaw I feel that a leader's debate is something that this country needs, with polls being very close, people need clear, defining reasons to vote for a party. Manchester England
15292 DavidWeaver This should be interesting.. Bridgwater Somerset
15293 leejefferson this should of been done a long time ago, it works in the states and it will work well here... the people need to see and hear the candidates talk about the important issues... so we can truly decide who is right for the job! based on their answers. Rothwell, Kettering UK
15294 FraserBurns   Glasgow Scotland
15295 JonathanCampbell   Birmingham England
15296 JohnColdicutt   London UK
15297 alexmcneil   York UK
15298 emekaokoye i want to know what policies on taxes for low income earners and polices governing day care funding romford essex
15299 RobertTrigg   Lowestoft UK
15300 BayTsimane Another first by Skynews-i must say it's a brilliant initiative, party leaders should go for it! Gaborone Botswana