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Signatures for Sky News Leaders' Debate Campaign

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151 FaisalShariff About time. London UK
152 TomRobinson Lets see Gordon Brown defend his miserable reputation on TV! Manchester UK
153 TomWoodworth   York  
154 TerryNunn This debate would give Gorndon Brown the chance to shine. He deserves more respect for the hard work he does for the UK, that often goes unnoticed. London UK
155 Dr. and Mrs.Richens Excellent idea by Sky and long overdue! It is important for the public to hear where the politicians stand on particular issues so we can make intelligent decisions who to vote for in the next general election. Fife Scotland
156 lisajago good idea! romford essex
157 ConnorAllan Seems a good idea, to talk solely about the generaal election- and let the people know the maniefestos Sheerness UK
158 ChrisTalbot      
159 AndrewGunn About time!! ruslip middlesex
160 veronicagepp Anything that will help to get this sorry lot out of power!! MARCH, CAMBS ENGLAND
161 karenrichards can't wait.... if done right it'll be top viewing. C'mon Gordon - are you going to turn up or will you show your true colours? How convenient your surname is BROWN !! David - well done for being first to volunteer. Nick where are you ??   United Kingdom
162 AbdoulayeBa Great initiative, this should have happen years ago. Yeovil somerset
163 lancenesbitt this needs to happens. Brown is simply not good enough and unelected.... Should never of happened in the first place Sandhurst UK
164 ChristopherHand A simple idea but a good one. I hope that it happens. Norwich England
165 MikeBish I bet Gordon Brown declines the offer just as Tony Blair always did. Too many lies and home truths to face!! Boston England
166 AdamAntoszkiw It would be fantastic to see our future country leaders debate openly without rehearsed scripts. Show us why we should elect you, and at least have the nerve to partake credibilty can be drawn from that alone. Crewe England
167 RupeSmith Openness and transparency please - lose the scriptwriters Exeter Devon
168 Arnold.Randall. An excellent idea,at least we will know what the three party's intend to present us with in their election manifestoes. Castleford. England.
169 WayneGeraghty Our Country has been ruined by Labour the last 12 years and i have no faith in M.P's from any party especially after the expense fiasco! Lets hear them talk sense for once and NO more broken promises! Southend on Sea England
170 kevinebosele i support the debate edmonton green middlesex
171 AshleyBurdett   Colchester Essex
172 ChrisPrice do it or I will vote BNP Manchester United Kingdom
173 CatMcKenna-Willcox This is a great idea.Put these leader son the spot &question what THEY really know how ruling our Kingdom & what their 'so called' priorities are.More to the point lets see Brown squirm like he has made this Country do! Southampton England
174 mabelbagley   staffordshire stoke
175 PhilipHunt The time has come to put the leaders on the spot especially mr brown.. Bolton UK
176 GuyGillbe   Sandhurst England
177 MikeSowden Think this would be a great idea. America has done this for ages, and it really energises the policies of all involved. Reading UK
178 JamesCorry   Grimsby England
179 LeeFisher-Long It's about time we took a leaf out the Americans book with regards to politics, having the Live Debates will be beneficial to the people of this country, and could generate a renewed interest in British politics. Stevenage England
180 StephenThompson We live in a democracy, its about time the government listen to the people!!!!   United Kingdom
181 johnevans I'm all for a debate with the leaders of the parties, but not with other members members standing in for them, such as Osbourne, Mandleson or Cambell. What would the format be? each answering the same questions and not talking over each other? Eastbourne east sussex
182 RyanJones   Blackpool United Kingdom
183 PatrickChichester. MBE A sound idea to debate live but it Gordom brown brave enough for this.   Kuwait.
184 MichaelWalsh   Manchester England
185 AndrewFields Bring it on. The sooner the better to enable us to be rid of an unelected bufoon! Tiverton England
186 ROSHLADHAR Its time we all heard what Cameron's are policies are, his true colours are about to be shown, was blue or green or maybe we may get a new one during the rebate. Hounslow uk
187 JamesAdide Its only going to be good for british politics. It will help the majority of people who vote for the sake of voting, actually vote for a candidate that they can see answer their questions directly. Letchworth UK
188 DarenFrankish Three Political leaders have an oppertunity to debate important issues live in front of a mass media outlet. Why has this opportunity taken so long ? Edinburgh U.K
189 RussellLanger   London England
190 Cllr GarethEpps Too right we have to reconnect. The three leaders (no fringe parties) should set their views before the British public. Having debated against Cameron, I don't think anyone has anything to be afraid of. Unless.... evidently Chicken Brown? Reading UK
191 NatashaRoberts It is important for voters of the next general election to feel confident in a party and the government of this Country - we need transparency over everything and mostly we need strong leaders and role models. Kidderminster United Kingdom
192 AndrewReynolds   Blackpool Lancashire
193 ChrisHughes   Wirral England
194 caroleshaw Very welcome step! London UK
195 MichaelFlynn Excellent idea Preston England
196 ChrisPassey We are owed this much, at least. Wordsley Englan
197 CliveRose I want them both to appear before the public, so as we can hear clearly exactly what either party are planning doing on winning the election. Labour seem to be continuing on spending, but so far the tories have come up with Zilch! Forres Scotland
198 IainDale   Tunbridge Wells Kent
199 niamjfoley     Ireland
200 AlexSmith Substance, sizzle and...? London UK