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Signatures for Sky News Leaders' Debate Campaign

ID First Name Last Name Comments Town Country
101 RayMcRobbie   Stonehaven Scotland
102 AdamTucker   Newport Gwent
103 NicolaScott   Maghera Northern Ireland
104 AndrewRussell   Richmond, North Yorskhire UK
105 MatthewBugeja A live debate would stimulate the participation of the general public in the elections. I say its a good idea Birkirkara Malta
106 joshwoodworth lets have it wirral england
107 JasonBates A milestone if achieved. Solihull United Kingdom
108 HarryMatthews We so need this. The 2010 General Election will be the most important election for 20 years, if not longer. Therefore a full and proper debate from all three main parties is needed. Basingstoke United Kingdom
109 OliverGannon I feel that a US-styled debate will assist all voters in distinguishing between parties that are becoming increasingly similar. Watford UK
110 KarlDuffy   Camden London
111 annglaister I would welcome the leaders of our political parties given an opportunity totell us the public of their plans and policies to take the country forward following the next general election Lowton UK
112 DawnSmith It would be nice to get the truth out of them or as near as a politican can get Diss` England
113 BenStanford Something we need for frankness and honesty for "Call me Dave" Preston Lancashire
114 CharlotteBrierley   Huddersfield England
115 JamieDaborn   London England
116 DavidHarvey      
117 michaeldoherty convince me you lot care about us! preston england
118 neilward   glasgow scotland, UK
119 seanmorgan well done sky this is needed too see how these people act under real pressure with no planted questions(hopefully)lets see brown squirm, cameron sweat and clegg well whatever he thinks is worth saying at the time. Pontypool Wales
120 PaulPhelps   Brighton East Sussex
121 debbieyoung     england
122 StuartDennis   Aylesbury UK
123 WillSmith What a fantastic idea! Shame the BBC aren't doing it - I'd love to see Gordon Brown represented by a bucket of lard. ;) Bravo Mr. Ryley & Sky News!! Stourport-on-Severn England
124 JohnBurnett Yes please - lets see all the prospective leaders talk face to face Leek UK
125 AndrewElwell Vital for Democracy! Aldridge UK
126 GavinButler Great idea. Well done Sky News. Halifax UK
127 JamesStewart This would really show what the so called leaders of the major political parties are made of when put toe to toe with each other. London England
128 BenHollands Maybe I will actually vote after seeing this. Currently I have better things to do than keep track of each parties bickering. Liphook United Kingdom
129 Sir PeterMaxwell Splendid idea chaps. Gloucestershire England
130 PierceDerrane   London England
131 jamescromarty   newcasrle England
132 christopherharrod   lindford england
133 KAMRANMATLOOB Let the people decide, we need re-assurance enough damage has been caused. not more fals promises come and face us voters if you mean what you say Walsall west midlands
134 PaulNoble its about time we had a head to head in the uk, where we can have some real debate where questions have to be answered and policys explained Darlington Durham
135 ScottBriggs Its about time our faith in british politics was restored! Chester-le-street England
136 stevenjoseph yyyyyyeeah....perfect idea...sky news well done Dublin Ireland
137 ChristopherGroves A superb idea and I believe an essential event - whilst turn out for a General Election is likely to be dismal, this event may make our decisions easier to make. Nottingham UK
138 MatthewFisher This is a great idea- the election can become alive in front of our very eyes and we can see the tension and drama in the debates just like we saw in the US. One wrong move could loose thousands of votes! Leeds England
139 RichardHeadworth   Leamington Spa United Kingdom
140 DuncanHames Well done. I hope this example is taken up more widely, both in constituencies and in the media. How about an economy debate for the Chancellor, George Osborne, and Vince Cable, too? Chippenham Wiltshire
141 DaleWilson I would like to see not only the main parties have a debate but also smaller parties such as the BNP and greens. The three main parties are pretty much the same. Braintree Essex
142 MikeMarshall Excellent idea, but will it not cause problems under the Representation of the People Act if minority parties are not represented? Bridgend Mid Glamorgan
143 CliveClark   British Forces Overseas
144 stephenbolton   witchford uk
145 SheilaAdair I think this is a great idea. Great Yarmouth UK
146 ChristopherJohns I think this would be a fantastic idea - similar to that of American elections Swansea UK
147 DerekRitson An open debate with ALL Party Leaders - including all the minor parties. A series of debates to get them all involved.Who will decide the subject matter? Ask the public for the most awkward topics. Croydon England
148 darylcheetham I cannot see why not. If the politicians truly believe what they say, it won't be a worry. horncastle england
149 JohnArtt This will energise the campaign and help ecourage alienated and disillusioned voters to engage in the campaign. It is vital this time given the disastrous image politicians currently have. Downpatrick N. Ireland
150 PeterWood Lets have a debate now before the shutters finally go up.Will the VAT go up to 20% will their be vat on food? Wakefield England