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Signatures for Sky News Leaders' Debate Campaign

ID First Name Last Name Comments Town Country
1 DavidNixon Step up and speak up men! Edinburgh Scotland
2 SteveDay Please include ALL of the parties including the Greens, UKIP, English Democrats and the BNP. Lets have an open televised forum Sedgefield England
3 lewislitchfield   sunderland england
4 JonathanJames   Pontypridd UK
5 davidhitchman bring it on new malden surrey
6 LeeMarsons It would be a good idea to extend this not only to party leaders but to important Cabinet secretaries e.g. justice, home office, as well as widening it to more than the main three parties e.g. UKIP, BNP. Ilford Essex
7 OntheBBCOnly ONLY if it is on the BBC - SKY NEWS trying to make commercial profit from this is just what is wrong with the country. Manchester UK
8 StevenBarber   Kendal United Kingdom
9 WILLIAMMASSIE High time this happened. Aberdeen U.K.
10 StevenWheeler   Wirral England, UK
11 FrankConroy   Ipswich England
12 JasonWant My missus will call me boring but I wanna see that. Helston Cornwall
13 AlfredGarcia I think its a great idea and it should be done. I think Kay Burley should be the presenter she be great!!! Gibraltar Gibraltar
14 Secretary42 Regiment RA   Leeds uk
15 DarrenReid This is a fantastic idea. Dundee Scotland
16 KrisMorrison   Aberdeen Scotland
17 PaulBarrett   Keelby UK
18 DavidLaw   Edgware Middlesex
20 phillipcochrane I think i know who will bottle it bet you do now as well!! heres a clue - B.R.O.W.N!!!! newton aycliffe durham
21 ChrisHumphreys   London UK
22 PaulYoung   Bacup England
23 TristanOsborne   Rochester UK
24 PaulPhillips An excellent idea, for both the public and the candidates. Aughton UK
25 MarkBiddiss Well done Sky News! It's about time!! I'm sure they'd bend once this Campaign gets underway. Will there be a chance for the public to be allowed to question the represented party leaders during the debates in person ? Many thanks Mark Biddiss London United Kingdom
26 domlane      
27 ThomasHowell A national debate of the main party leaders, outside the restraints of parliament, is very long overdue. Leicester England
28 RobbieWarner I want a debate, shown on television, where all topics can be discussed, with no spin doctors! I also think that the debate should be live, and not taped so that it can be edited by anyone! The voters can then decide for themslves which party the beieve Falkirk Scotland
29 FaisalAftab I fully support the idea of leaders debate. There is no better time then now, so please to all the leaders no excuse this time !! London UK
30 ClaireThomson   Oldmeldrum Scotland
32 lynnegarvin exactly what this country needs - I want to hear what they will do if running the country and I would just like to hear the truth - NO SPIN - contrary to what the prime minister believes I am old enough to understand the plain and simple truth wigan  
33 CristinaTiberian Such a debate would finally bring the UK in line with the rest of the democratic world! Looking forward to it! London UK
34 davidharris   bristol somerset
35 RichardAndrews What can you say, non of them deserve my vote Worcester England
36 KrisSleater   Altrincham England
37 JodyLewis Would be great to see this in the UK. Surely all the leaders would have nothing to fear? Glasgow United Kingdom
38 rogerslade Bring it on winchester hampshire
39 ThomasBarrowman Go for it!! Glasgow Scotland
40 michaelguthrie   honiton england
41 caroll   east preston uk
42 keiranshipperley   southampton england
43 markpeters I hope that labour dont shy away from this,the country needs to put its potential leaders to the test and a live debate would be a great way of testing their mettle. Farnborough United Kingdom
44 RussellMarsh-Smith   Sheffield UK
45 PaulShaw Time to follow in America's footsteps and have an open debate. Grantham England
46 robertjenkins ive had enough of this unelected prime minister and an unelected government bring on the election so that new labour and the labour party can finally be put to rest 6 foot under for good.    
47 PaulPastor Its long overdue! I just hope Sky can make it happen. Richmond Surrey
48 GarethWalch      
49 NickStroud This will provide us with opportunity to see the party leaders truly tested on their own policies! Rusilip United Kingdom
50 AlastairParkinson   Sheffield England